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About Look Cool

Look Cool has been producing visors for over six years. Owner Roslyn has extensive retail and product experience having owned a gift shop in the busy coastal town of Nelson Bay NSW for over 10 years. Roslyn has a passion for creative art work and, with her love of golf, realised the need for more lighter flexible designer headwear.
Look Cool visors are quality EVA foam based with numerous assorted coloured patterns attached via curly laces. Being  lightweight, comfortable, adjustable and fashionable they are suitable for all forms of outdoor activities like golf, swimming, walking and provide excellent eye and sun protection.
 Visors are currently available at retail outlets in QLD, SA, WA and NSW but we are happy to discuss new business requests to stock and are happy to email you a catalogue. All wholesale requests can also be supplied with a stand if needed.
Stockists applaud their new found turnover for an item that sells exceptionally well.
We look forward to meeting new customers. New Visors constantly added to our range.

Contact Us

Please feel free to leave a message. We will reply as soon as we can. We are happy to discuss new business requests for stock and are happy to email you a catalogue.

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